Aim & Scope

The aim of the Journal of Natural Hazards and Environment (J Nat Haz Environ) is to provide researchers a qualified scientific publishing platform for their research focusing all subjects related to both natural hazards and environment and to contribute sharing of current scientific development and knowledge with the scientific world. The scope of the Journal encompasses research subjects including natural hazards, environmental studies, disaster management, pollution (air, water, soil, and noise), and climate change and global warming, together with research on new techniques.

Some of the relevant topics and disciplines are earthquakes, landslides, rock falls, avalanches, flooding, flood, storms, erosion, drought, fire, biological disasters (such as epidemic diseases and insect infestation), climate change and global warming, disaster management, early warning systems, pollution (air, water, soil and noise), water and wastewater treatment, waste management (solid, medical and hazardous waste), watershed and water quality management, environmental impact assessment, renewable energy resources, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing applications on all issues related to natural hazards and environment.

Period Months
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